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Romon Nature has been committed to offering quality organic herbal teas for more than 30 years by selecting only the plants' noble parts. From simple confections to blends, you will meet nature’benefits in your cup every day. 

The online shop romon-nature.com offers the widest range of simple organic plants and organic herbal blends that are perfect for health and well-being with more than 84 certified organic infusions. Romon Nature is a brand that belongs to the French company Araquelle which is based in Provence.

Romon Nature has been an Infusions Creator since 1989 and is a pioneer of organic herbal teas focused on health and well-being, Romon Nature is a concentrate of experience and know-how.

Our challenge: to propose the highest quality of infusions and an approach that is environment friendly. Our company gets closer to the men and women who work every day with passion and who follow this ethic.

Romon Nature a responsible brand committed to ecological and ethical solutions



We favour as much as possible our purchases from local, French or European companies.

High quality

raw materials

Our plants are bought directly to the producers and the craftsmen. They meet all the required controls from cultivation to your cup.

Sustainable commitment

to nature

It’ s important in order to benefit from nature’s resources for our well-being.

Eco friendly


Our packaging is plastic-free and compostable. The cases, inks, envelopes, bags, labels and threads that we use are entirely made from plants and do not contain any plastic or staples.

- Our ranges -

Simple herbal teas

Romon Nature offers a wide range of healthy and tasty infusions containing a single variety of organic plant which are the most famous of the traditional pharmacopoeia : Chamomile, eucalyptus, fennel, hibiscus, lemon balm, mint, rosemary, rooibos, thyme, linden, verbena, green tea ...
100% natural active ingredients with strong aromatic virtues that are good for everyday use thanks to the Romon Nature simple infusions. Only the noblest parts of organic plants are used in these herbal teas.

Complex herbal teas

Romon Nature offers a wide range of plants’ blending for daily use with multiple wellness effects. The plants have been selected to meet everyday needs safely. These plants are compliants with the regulation and they can help you regarding beauty, stress, digestion, circulation, drainage, slimming, tonus, sleep....
Drinking an herbal tea is a moment of conviviality and pleasure but is also healthy and a pleasant way to consume plants.

Concentrated herbal teas

Active ingredients have been carefully selected but these herbal teas are more concentrated than the classic ones. Romon Nature's concentrated range is suitable for daily use with a specific action on digestion, sleep, slimming or transit with greater well-being effects. Each herbal tea respects the integrity and completeness of the totum of organic plants.
Result: more plants, more effects... and therefore more nature in your cup.

Delight herbal teas

Nice taste and nice plants ! When phytotherapy is 100% organic herbal tea and 100% pleasure. Romon nature offers a cocktail of tasty plants to sublimate the taste but keeps the benefits. You’ll be surprised !
Will you choose the « Festives », the « Frappées » », les « Fantasques » or the « Fabuleuses » ? ! The infusions and herbal teas are all organic certified and are made with the noblest parts of plants, according to a rigorous transformation proces.


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