Romon Nature's commitments


- Our values -

Respect for the environment

Nature offers us wonderful plants, plenty of various and nice flavours for our herbal teas. Protecting nature is one of our key commitments. We campaign for a healthy agriculture, without any pesticide, chemical or synthetic treatment for a natural guaranteed organic product. Our products are plastic-free and we are currently moving up to 100% compostable products for all our ranges. The cases, inks, envelopes, bags, labels and threads used are entirely made from plants and contain no plastic or staples.

Humans above all

We are one of the most important buyers of ORGANIC plants in France, especially in the Drôme and Provence areas. Farmers are paid at their right work’s value which allows them to correctly live of this activity and to increase their organic farming areas, without any European financial support. It’s a way to improve the ORGANIC products’cultivation in France and to preserve the land of our territory.

- Our know-how -

Rigorous controls :

The plants that compose the ROMON NATURE range are subject to very strict controls:
- Microbiological controls.
- Phytochemical controls including: heavy metals, humidity, essential oil content, aflatoxins.
- Organoleptic controls (tasting).
- Macroscopic control : General aspect of the plants’checking and standard’s conformity monitoring.
- Pesticide control.
- Microscopic control to determine and check the plants’ blendings before bagging.
- Verification of the organic control: the organic certificate is required for each plant from each supplier.

Traceability :

Each plant is identified by a batch number. It allows the product’s origin to be traced from the producer to the consumer.

Top-of-the-range packaging:

Each packaging’s steps are controlled: 21 control points are carried out throughout the production process. It allow to propose a product that preserves all the plants’benefits These controls concern various points such as the quality of the filling hopper, the selected weighing system, the cartons, boxes, pods quality and the premises’hygiene.

- Our labels -

Quality & Certification of our products

Organic Agriculture Certification by Ecocert :

All our infusions are Organic certified Agriculture . We are aware that we have to secure our consumers who wish to have a responsible consumption. Organic agriculture is a defined and certified production method in order to protect the environment as much as possible. Thus, organic farmers apply methods based on the recycling of natural organic matter recycling and crop rotation. Annual contacts are made to grow French organic plants while ensuring a fair income to producers.

Controlled high quality :

Established in the heart of Provence, ROMON NATURE is established in the Provence’ s heart and guarantees you a noble infusion:, each plant is sorted, sieved and controlled in order to eliminate dust, stems and impurities. Leaves, flowers, fruits, spices and nothing else! ONLY ORGANIC, ONLY THE BEST.


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